SPA Technique Dual Gauges


SPA Design DG 200 Dual Electronic Gauges: Lightweight, Space Saving, Feature Packed Gauges

The latest DG 200 instruments have been developed utilizing state of the art surface mount microprocessor technology. While externally and dimensionally similar to its predecessor, internally it has been completely re-designed for greater accuracy and robustness. All instruments come complete with comprehensive manual, sensors and wiring harness and are ready for immediate installation.

Gauge Features:

  • Selectable display units, PSI, Bar, kg, degrees F or degrees C
  • Maximum value recall from memory
  • Selectable backlight color (red or green)
  • Adjustable backlight brightness
  • Black or white dials
  • Standard Black bezels
  • High resolution modes for 0.1 PSI, Deg C etc
  • Programmable button function, recall menu etc
  • Splash proof sensor connections
  • Extended temperature operation (for extreme climates) -20 to +70 Deg C
  • Stainless steel pressure and vacuum sensors
  • Programmable warning lights, low battery, averaging etc
  • Programmable outputs for driving external LED's or relays
  • Includes prewired sensors/senders as appropriate
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